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University Championship Boxing Championships (51)

The Sports Federation of universities organized the Boxing Championship for Egyptian universities and higher institutes in the course of martyr Rifai (51) during the period from (11-13 ) February, in cooperation with the sports facilities Center in the covered Hall of Helwan University, with the participation of (235) students from (28) public, private, technological and private universities, and in the presence of (35) administrators, supervisors and trainers from Egyptian universities and higher institutes, under the auspices of Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of higher education and scientific research, and Dr.Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of youth and sports, and Dr. Sayyed Kandil, president of Helwan University،
The final results resulted in the following:
** Weight 80k:
- Third place and bronze medal student/ Ammar Yasser Mahmoud, enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering, New Egypt branch.
** Weight 86k :
- The third place and the bronze medal is the student / Ezzedine Mustafa Saad, who is enrolled in the Faculty of Fisheries of the ABI Qir branch of Alexandria.
It is noteworthy that the tournament was held under the supervision and presence of Dr.Sobhi Hassanin, advisor to the minister of higher education for sports activities and vice-president of the Sports Federation of Universities, Dr.Arafa Salama, secretary general of the Universities Sports Federation, and Dr. Ahmed Farouk is a member of the board of Directors of the Universities Sports Union, and Dr.Abdulaziz Ghoneim is the president of the Boxing Federation.