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Medical Services
The Arab Academy, running its medical administration, provides a work team that includes a selection of the best doctors and nurses working around the clock in various medical specialties; 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is assisted by a set of skilled visiting professors in certain specializations, and also stands in partnership with the best hospitals and anatomy laboratories as well as reliable radiation centers, which are known for their efficiency at the level of the Republic. This achieves excellence in service and performance, and creates competitive advantages to provide better service to the beneficiaries of therapeutic health care.     more

Accommodation & Dorms

AAST built student hotels within the Abu Kir and ElAlamein campuses. All the hotels provide 4 stars accommodation along with world class restaurants. Single and double rooms are available. A separate hotel for girls was built on the campus as well. All the hotels are built to the highest standards, and are maintained by professional staff.

Food Services

AASTMT provide food services for students, staff, and visitors on campuses. Restaurants and Cafeterias are designed to serve meals and snacks all week days, and provide catering services for special events. The students' residents on campus are served 3 meals daily during their full time stay at the Academy's hotel. Our objective is to offer wide variety, great service and a quality dining experience.

Bus Transportation

AAST has a complete fleet of latest models of busses. All the vehicles are fully air-conditioned and are ready for longtrips. Busses transport students between AbuQir and Miamy campuses on hourly schedules. Some lines also coverall Alexandria from Abu Kir till Agamy on the west side of Alex.

Sports @ AASTMT
Sports services and facilities are dedicated to all AASTMT Students and Staff. Great sports facilities are available, whatever your sport is, we really do have something to offer. It is firmly believed that future of our nation is strictly associated with the upbringing and welfare of the youth, especially in the field of sports that improve their health as well as their manners. Taking this in consideration, the Academy has always taken and always take care of sports and athletes in order to achieve a pioneering role in the region.
Banking Services

Banking Services

Banque du Caire is located inside Abu Kir campus to facilitate bank transactions for students as well as employees, offerring full banking services including money transfers. ATM machines available in all campuses.



AASTMT established specialized libraries as academic libraries play a major role in supporting educational activities and enriching the academic life of students and faculty members.


AASTMT Services Center

AASTMT's policy aims at providing its students with all services and means of comfort as well as raising the standard of performance of these services. Hence, a center for providing the students, staff members and employees with any services they may need was established with the following..

Civil Affairs Services

Civil Affairs Services

The Civil registers include the extraction of the following for employees and students

  • Issuing the national ID card
  • Renewal National ID Card
  • Computer Birth Certificates
Authentications of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Authentications of the Foreign Affairs Ministry

  • Adoption of all certificates and securities issued by the the Academy
  • Ratification of all certificates of marine special courses at the Institute of Maritime Training
  • Ratification of all transactions for Messrs staff and faculty members
Real Estate Registration Services

Real Estate Registration Services

  • Ratifying Contracts
  • Acknowledgment of Certificate
  • Public and Private Authorization
  • Car Selling Contracts
  • Car Selling Official Authorization
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