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Words of Appreciations


Dr. Mostafa Elsayed,
Egyptian-American Chemical Physicist

"One of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen not only in Egypt but in the whole world, everything is well organized and in order. As for the students, they are the best possible, the most noble and have the spirit to learn, they are proud of the academy and they have a great sense of belonging. the academy has a very beautiful atmosphere, that I haven't even in America, and the director of the Academy is a great man who is working hard and achieving big things ...

Mr. Koji Sekimizu,
The IMO Secretary-General

"I was delighted to see the most recent developments at the Academy, such as the advanced and full mission engine room simulator, and the level of education and training at the Academy reflected in the graduation ceremony and the display of achievements of the graduates students."

The World Maritime University Invitation


Invitation for Prof. Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag, President of Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport to join the Board of Governors of the World Maritime Universirty for two year term ending on 31 january 2017.

As the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has selected H.E. Prof Ismail Abdel Ghafar Ismail Farag - AASTMT President to serve on the Board of Governors for the World Maritime University (WMU) as being the president of one of the greatest specialized organizations in the field of maritime transport, where the WMU Board of Governors comprises not more than 30 appointed members worldwide with regard to the background, expertise, and motivation of those distinguished persons and their affiliated organizations, the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT) has the honor to submit WMU latest Board of Governors.
WMU Board of Governors

Testimonials from Esteemed Personalities


H.E. Amb. Francis J. Ricciardone
President of The American University in Cairo

Published on April 15 2021


H.E. Prof. Ashraf Hatem
The American University in Cairo Counselor

Published on April 15 2021

Dr. Amr Talaat

H.E. Prof. Dr. Amr Talaat
Egyptian Minister of Communications and Information Technology

Arab Academy for Science,
& Maritime Transport

Student Testimonials

Sherif Talaat

BSc. In Banking & Finance Senior Investment Analyst at Ekuity Holding

"I believe a meaningful life should be all about aiming high and working hard to reach that high. My aim was to be a University Of London and Arab Academy graduate and to achieve this aim, I had to work hard. Being a UoL graduate qualified me continue my studies at the University of Coventry in the UK to obtain a master in Finance."

Aya Ahmed Hisham

College of Management & Technology
Marketing & International Management

"University life is a great experience, rich on both the personal and the professional aspects. It enables youth to acquire various skills, including presentation and communication skills. The academic material allows students to experience the nature of the labor market and meets its demands, which is a crucial asset needed to start off after graduation. Our faculty members were endlessly helpful and trusting, they genuinely provided us with continuous support, relentlessly enduring our lack of know how."

Ahmad Abdel-Rahman

Maritime Transport & Technology, Abou Qir Capmus, Alexandria

"The College of Maritime Transport is a pivotal turning point in the life of any of its students. Throughout our years of basic studies, we were mostly seized by both the concept of belonging to a greater entity and the passion we have for fulfilling the need of becoming the source pride in the field of commercial maritime transport. We pay out gratitude to all those who had contributed in the enrichment of our academic life, making it the best phase of our lives."

Noor Gharbo

College of Language and Communication Media Department, Miami Campus, Alexandria

"AAST is a unique institution which is characterized by a special character, it is not only a university but it is a window on the entire life which making us not only learn because of the distinct content of cadres in scientific subjects, but the academy also knows how to build the mind and characters to make leading figures who can meet the challenges and difficulties the perfect place, and That is honor for me to belong to this great institution."

Exchange Students Experiences

Being an exchange student can be an ever lasting experience for most students. Many international students come to study at AASTMT for a period of time in the context of international study programs

Exchange students at AASTMT are supported by a network of people who assist them throughout the duration of their program. Let's watch what they say about their experience in AASTMT and how does it feel to study there?

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

Published on Feb 5, 2019