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Public Health Instructions

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Due to the academy's policy, smoking is strictly prohibited in all sports fields and facilities, in light of the negative effects associated with smoking in general.

The world celebrates World No Tobacco Day on May 31 of each year, as the World Health Organization and health organizations around the world launch calls for smokers to quit smoking completely. This day aims to draw greater global attention to abstaining from the scourge of smoking and its negative health effects, which currently lead to death annually in various countries. This is to reduce the phenomenon of smoking and to cultivate a healthy athletic generation.

It is natural, not only in sports fields but perhaps in most club boards and sports federations, that this decision - especially in light of the spread of smoking among young players - will contribute to raising awareness of the risks of smoking among athletes in particular and the sports community in general. It encourages non-smokers who engage in sports and frequent sports facilities to enjoy practicing sports and watching training sessions and matches in a clean environment away from the harmful effects of smoking. Prohibiting smoking among members of the sports community will be the first step in curbing the spread of smoking among young people and athletes, protecting them from this dangerous scourge, and making the sports community environment clean and smoke-free.

According to recent studies by the World Health Organization, approximately 7 million people die annually worldwide due to diseases caused by smoking, and this number is expected to rise to 8 million by 2030 unless appropriate measures are taken to curb this phenomenon. Many studies have also shown that smokers have less ability than non-smokers to participate in sports activities at all levels, from competitive sports to amateur sports practiced on weekends. These effects increase the difficulty of daily life in a normal and active way, and activities such as climbing stairs or running to catch a bus become difficult. In addition, all forms of smoking, including electronic cigarettes, increase the heart rate at rest among smokers, reducing their endurance.

We hope that the air in sports and non-sports facilities will be clean and that we will breathe clean air, and that the atmosphere will be healthy for athletes, players, and spectators alike, because smoking is an enemy of sports and human health together. The culture of not smoking and its prohibition has become an advanced civilized culture, so all members of the sports community should be among the first to encourage abstaining from smoking, and even work to combat and eliminate it.

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