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Harvest the stars of the academy at the end of the season 2021-2022

Star Nour El Sherbini The_Warrior_Princess

Star Nour El Sherbini The_Warrior_Princess
Warrior princess is the daughter of the Academy
1-defending the title and crowning the world championship 2021-20221
It is her sixth championship in a great achievement for her and Egypt
2-qualify for the final of two PSA platinum tournaments, namely :-
Egyptian Open, Black Ball Open
And get the second place ...
3-crowning the title of the Black Ball gold championship..
4-qualify for the semifinals of 3 PSA platinum tournaments, namely :-
U.S Open, Windy City Open, El-Gouna
5-winning the Squash بطولة Fire bronze Championship title ..
6-qualify for the finals of the Great Eight tournament PSA World Tour Finals 2021-2022
By direct qualification and also with a score of 15,470 points .

The star with a benign tooth
Basant Mohammed Awad Abdul Salam Hamida sometimes called Basant Mohammed Awad or Basant Hamida bint Academy, born September 28, 1996 Alexandria







International competitionsInternational competitions









The star Mohamed El Sayed is a player of the Egyptian national team for Sword Fencing, the son of the Academy .
The 19-year-old has many achievements despite his young age and here are his most notable achievements .
1-Golden youth Fencing World Cup teams with Egypt national team 2022
2-gold at the African Youth Championship in Nigeria 2022
3-Golden World Cup teams in Bahrain 2022
4-Junior World Cup gold in Uzbekistan 2021
5-8 Tokyo Olympics 2021
6-Serbia's World Cup gold and leads the world ranking
7-the fourth Youth Olympics in Argentina 2018
8-the third emerging world 2021