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World Youth Modern Pentathlon Championship 2021

The Academy will host the World Youth Modern Pentathlon Championship during the period from 9 to 19 July 2021 with the participation of 27 countries.


Medical Bubble Procedures:

  • The committee is required to follow the "Medical Bubble" system for all participants in the championship. They will undergo complete isolation, with participating delegations undergoing tests at the airport. The designated buses for their transportation from the airport to accommodation will be sanitized.
  • The hotels where the teams will stay will be sanitized, and both players and staff, including sports and nutrition personnel, will undergo PCR tests 48 hours before the start of the championship. They are not allowed to leave the academy throughout the entire tournament. Teams will undergo daily PCR tests, and those with negative results are allowed to participate in matches, while positive cases will be isolated. A hospital in Alexandria will be designated for isolation cases.
  • Player transport buses will be sanitized, and dressing rooms will be fully disinfected. The audience will not come into contact with anyone in the system.
  • Championship competitions will take place without spectators. Each team must be accompanied by an Egyptian doctor specialized in preventive medicine responsible for monitoring the team and measuring temperatures.
  • Intensive care rooms will be allocated in each hotel, along with another room equipped with an X-ray machine. Isolation rooms will be available in each hotel, and two ambulance cars will be contracted to transport cases. Agreements will be made with hospitals to provide top-notch medical services.