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Community Services

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There is a clear vision and mission for community service and environmental development in order to participate in community engagement. This involves continuous communication with both the internal and external community to provide ideas and solutions that contribute to development and strengthen relationships with the community for sustained mutual giving. This is achieved through various activities, such as organizing conferences, training courses, educational programs, seminars, continuous awareness campaigns, and caravans to support and develop community service and environmental development.

The aim is to develop self-resources through specialized units and ongoing collaboration with institutions and civil society organizations. Celebrating Orphans Day and engaging in community participation is considered a necessity, not just an educational or social slogan. It should become a reality to shape the community's mindset and culture.

The academy plays a significant role in supporting the community in serving the environment. For example, the youth camp in Abu Qir and the schools surrounding the academy, as well as the Faculty of Physical Education in Abu Qir, are supervised in terms of the construction and maintenance of their fields and the provision of support services.

Community service refers to the services provided by individuals or institutions for the benefit of society, whether voluntary or mandatory. It helps transform society for the better, provided that the economic aspect is not prioritized at the expense of neglecting the educational aspect.

Some of the programs included in community service are as follows:

  1. Elderly Care Program.
  2. Orphan Care Program.
  3. Visiting Children's Villages.
  4. Dealing with at-risk children.
  5. Blind Care Program.
  6. Environmental Awareness and Conservation Program.
  7. People of determination care program
  8. Organizing sports days for surrounding schools and universities