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The sports complex consists of synthetic turf fields made from tartan material.٢٠١٥٠٣٢٥_١١٣٠٣٩.jpg٢٠١٥٠٣٢٥_١١٢٩١٢.jpg






  • There are two volleyballs courts.
  • Two basketball courts.
  • One five-a-side football field.
  • One handball court.

 All the fields are legal and designed according to international standards and measurements.

Beach Ball Courts Complex

  • One five-a-side football field.
  • One beach volleyball court.






Clay Tennis Courts

Renovation and Development of the Clay Tennis Courts Complex.

Football Fields

The existing football fields within the academy premises have been renovated. They consist of three official-sized natural green grass fields, in addition to a subsidiary field for warm-up purposes.

These fields are used for all college activities, training the academy teams, organizing academy tournaments, and hosting matches for the Egyptian university leagues. They also serve as venues for friendly matches with local and international clubs during summer camps. Furthermore, friendly matches are held with Egyptian universities during sports events, in line with the directives of the academy's president. The aim is to foster collaboration between students from different universities, whether they are governmental, private, or international institutions, in both educational and sports domains.