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School summer 2022

Summer school for working children 2022

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Ismail Abdel Ghaffar Ismail Faraj, president of the Academy

The attention of Professor Dr. Adel Bilal, vice president of the Academy for education and Student Affairs, and the supervision of Dr.Ahmed Abdul Majid Khalaf Director of sports departments

The summer school started on Sunday, 5/6/2022 for the children of employees of the academy and the surrounding community.

One of the goals of the establishment of the sports school during the summer for the children of employees and faculty members of the Academy

A - the affiliation of the employees ' children to the Academy.
B-the exploitation of leisure time for the benefit of physical, health and mental.
C-developing sports skills and reaching the highest level of physical fitness in all sports.
D-various sports games within the summer school include (football / basketball / volleyball /swimming / fitness "gym" / tennis / karate) in addition to drawing activity.
E - where the player chooses one game besides swimming and drawing.

The summer school for the children of employees of the Academy ended on Thursday, 15/9/2022

The total number of participants was 223 children from the children of employees + children from outside the academy and the surrounding community, divided by the games as follows:-

56 children swimming / 15 children basketball / 11 children gym / 4 children karate / 28 children Football / two children land tennis + 107 children swimming in the evening.