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Sports Affairs Deanship Academy Activities

Renovation and Establishment of Sports Fields:

Under the leadership of the esteemed Professor Dr. Ismail Abdelghafar Ismail Farag, the President of the Academy.

The basketball courts have undergone renovation.سلة.jpg

- Six lighting poles have been installed to illuminate the sports complex (basketball, volleyball, handball).عمود.jpg

Renovated Changing Rooms:

  • 210 lockers have been installed in Changing Room 1.
  • 102 lockers have been installed in Changing Room 2.

Pictures of the newly renovated gym:جييم.jpg

The gym has been expanded by approximately 130m2, and new equipment has been installed. The floors have been updated, and a comprehensive maintenance has been carried out for the machines.

Health Club:

The health club has been renovated with new gym equipment, and the old jacuzzi has been replaced with a new one that accommodates 5 individuals (Jacuzzi for 5 people, sauna, bath, massage).جاكوزى.jpgجاكوزى1.jpg

The old gym after renovation:قديم.jpg

A comprehensive maintenance has been performed for the old gym equipment. The floors have been updated, and the aluminum windows have been replaced. Two air conditioning units have been installed, and the jacuzzi room has been changed.

Establishment of Beach Sports Fields:

Beach Sports Fields:

- A complex of beach sports fields has been established, including beach football and beach volleyball.شاطئ.jpg

Green Fields:

- Three football fields have been created.خضراء.jpg

- Four lighting towers have been installed for the main field.نور.jpg

Clay Tennis Courts:أرضى.jpg

- Two clay tennis courts have been moved and established.

Swimming Pool:

- Electric heaters have been replaced with a boiler for heating the swimming pool water, and electrical panels have been relocated.



- A sports activities complex has been built at the Cairo branch of the academy.

- An illuminated football field has been created at the Aswan branch of the academy.أسوان.jpg