AASTMT Institutes

AASTMT Institutes

Maritime Safety Institute

MSI is one of the elite centers dedicated to learning and competency development for the offshore and maritime Industry. To achieve the goal of improving knowledge and performance of offshore and maritime personnel, MSI operates in compliance with the premier quality standard (DNV, ISO 9001:2008) to implement international training standards such as international maritime organization (IMO), ..

Productivity and Quality Institute

Rapid change in the world management systems demands a focus on the future to empower and improve organizations and industry practitioners. The Productivity & Quality Institute goal is to enhance the capabilities of managers and leaders to address challenges and to ensure that organizations have the strategic drive to succeed.In our institute we offer opportunities for both students and organizations.

International Transport & Logistics Institute

In response to the realization that international transport and logistics are the art and root of progression and advancement, and also in response to the increasing demand on post graduate education in the field of global trade and logistics

Technical and Vocational Institute

In October 2004, the Technical and Vocational Institute (TVI) was established to offer technical qualifications in engineering fields as well.

Port Training Institute

PTI trains the personnel working in seaports, maritime transport companies, industrial companies as well as petroleum sector. The training is for all human resources on the technical and administrative level to cope with the technological development in the different fields.

Institute of Maritime Upgrading Studies

The Institute of Maritime upgrading Studies is designed to qualify and train deck officers and marine engineers to obtain the specialized marine certificates which qualify them to work onboard ships according to the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)...

Oil and Gas Institute

AASTMT is establishing the Oil and Gas Institute which will provide both training and consultancy for companies and organizations in the petroleum field provided that such training courses should be internationally approved.

Regional Maritime Security Institute

The RMSI was established in Sept. 2003 at Arab Academy for Science, technology and Maritime Transport to implement the international requirements of the maritime security and the ISPS Code.

Sea Training Institute

We offer high caliber training for the maritime industries to conform to the rising international requirements for officers who are educated to the highest professional standards. STI offers internationally recognized training programs for navigation, nautical engineer and marine electro-technical officers, for 5th and 6th semesters equivalent to one year sea service as demanded by international conventions on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers STCW 78, as amended.

Arab Institute for Leadership Development

AILD (Arab Institute for Leadership Development) is the new offspring of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. AILD is specialized in delivering the highest professional quality of leadership development programs to current and future leaders, targeting all levels, nationally, regionally, and internationally, in both public and private sectors.

Investment and Finance Institute

Investment and Finance Institute is considered as one of the leading academic centre in the area of Investment and Finance. It provides students with the necessary tools to pursue their research career in the field of finance and Investment. A more specific objective of the Institute is to prepare graduates for management roles with particular emphasis on Finance and Investment in order to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to perform complex management functions in a rapidly changing environment.

Arab Institute for Trade and Commodities Exchange

The Arab Institute for Trade and Commodities Exchange (AITC) is a specialized institute in the field of domestic and international trade. The institute is one of the special units of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT). The institute was the culmination of cooperation between the AASTMT, Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute

In 1994, the AASTMT decided to launch higher study programs to award Master Degree in the field of Maritime Transport and Technology, as well as in other disciplines in the sister faculties of the Academy. The Postgraduate Maritime Studies programs were established in January 1994 and since then a large number of postgraduate have been awarded more than 85 Ph.D. and 500 master degrees.