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Sector teams championship for juniors born in 2008 For the year 2023 ​

Hosting the Academy Championship for National Youth Teams Born in 2008 for the Cup of the Late Referee Mohammed Fathi

The Alexandria Football Region is hosting the championship for the national youth teams born in 2008 at the fields of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, the main branch in Abu Qir, from November 4th to 7th, 2023. The championship aims to provide an opportunity for Captain Ahmed Al-Kas, the technical director of the Egyptian national team in 2008, to select the best players.

Participating in the tournament are teams from different regions (Alexandria, Cairo, Port Said, Gharbia, Beheira, and Menoufia). The tournament is held in honor of the late international referee and former head of the Alexandria Referees Committee, Mohammed Fathi, who passed away, in appreciation of his contributions to Egyptian refereeing in general and Alexandria in particular.

And the organizers of the tournament managed to bring in refereeing teams from the Alexandria region who performed admirably. Their role was crucial in selecting some outstanding players to join the national team.

The outcome of the tournament resulted in the following:

  1. Cairo national team secured the first position.
  2. Alexandria national team claimed the second position.
  3. The team from Menoufia achieved the third position.

During the events of the tournament, the referees from Alexandria paid tribute to the late Mohammed Fathi, commemorating him. He served as the former head of the Alexandria Referees Committee and contributed significantly to Egyptian refereeing. He was one of the referees who left a lasting impact and played a significant role in Egyptian premier league matches.

May the departed soul rest in peace, and may he be granted a place in the highest paradise. May Allah shower His mercy upon him.