Sports Services


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The Sports Services Management at the Sports Affairs Deanship of the Abu Qir branch of the Academy in Alexandria is the sole management responsible for all the requirements of sports activities. This includes providing fields for individual and team sports, as well as training and educational swimming pools. The management also oversees the well-equipped gymnasium with modern sports equipment, as well as steam rooms, saunas, jacuzzis, and massage facilities.

Furthermore, the management is responsible for the maintenance of the fields, swimming pool, and sports equipment throughout the year without the need for external maintenance companies. They also stay updated on the latest maintenance methods for all sports facilities to ensure they remain in optimal condition.

All of these factors have made the academy the leading institution in the Middle East, attracting sports camps from various Arab countries for all types of sports teams. The academy also attracts local teams due to its comprehensive sports infrastructure where all the requirements for sports teams are available in one place. This has made the academy the preferred choice for hosting sports events.

Additionally, the management is responsible for preparing sports teams for internal and external competitions, whether at the level of Egyptian universities, different sports clubs, or local and international sports events. They also oversee the competitive sports activities among the different colleges of the academy.

Due to the keen interest of the academy's president in sports, new sports facilities and expansions have been established to enhance the physical and sports level. This includes the construction of a sports complex consisting of a futsal field, two volleyball courts, two basketball courts, and two handball courts, all according to the latest international standards.

In addition, a football field, beach volleyball court, and tennis courts have been constructed. In response to the increasing number of visitors to the physical preparation hall at the gymnasium, an expansion has been made to accommodate more sports equipment for training purposes.