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Summer camps 2014

Summer camps 2014
 The Deanship of Sports Affairs at the Academy’s Abu Qir Branch
 The Deanship of Sports Affairs at the Academy’s main branch, Abu Qir, hosts sports teams from various sports, whether at the regional, local or league level. It provides all the services required for these teams, including playgrounds, a swimming pool, fitness training facilities, and a health club. The training system is complete and meets all the teams’ requirements, including hotel accommodation, medical clinics, a high-quality restaurant, and a fleet of various means of transportation for internal and external movements. In addition, the academy facilitates friendly matches with clubs during the camp. The Academy is distinguished by its unique geographical location in Abu Qir Bay
- Summer Camps 13/7/2014

The Academy received a number of (20 teams) from the national teams and the Premier League for football to hold sports camps in preparation for the football season 2014/2015 and to hold training and matches on the Academy’s stadiums in total Number of (51 matches)
 Al-Merreikh team, Port Saidi
 Enppi Club team
 Haras El Hodoud Club team
 Ghazl El Mahalla Club team
 Misr FC team
 Canal Club team
 Port Fouad Club team
 National team