Postgraduate Studies

Deanery of Postgraduate Studies
The postgraduate studies are carried out in the different colleges and institutes of the academy according to main unified regulations. The postgraduate sector in AASTMT is responsible for the harmonization between the different postgraduate programs available in the different colleges and Institutes.

Our Colleges

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Productivity and Quality Institute

Rapid change in the world management systems demands a focus on the future to empower and improve organizations and industry practitioners. The Productivity & Quality Institute goal is to enhance the capabilities of managers and leaders to address challenges and to ensure that organizations have the strategic drive to succeed.In our institute we offer opportunities for both students and organizations.

International Transport & Logistics Institute

In response to the realization that international transport and logistics are the art and root of progression and advancement, and also in response to the increasing demand on post graduate education in the field of global trade and logistics

Arab Institute for Leadership Development

AILD (Arab Institute for Leadership Development) is the new offspring of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport. AILD is specialized in delivering the highest professional quality of leadership development programs to current and future leaders, targeting all levels, nationally, regionally, and internationally, in both public and private sectors.

Maritime Postgraduate Studies Institute

In 1994, the AASTMT decided to launch higher study programs to award Master Degree in the field of Maritime Transport and Technology, as well as in other disciplines in the sister faculties of the Academy. The Postgraduate Maritime Studies programs were established in January 1994 and since then a large number of postgraduate have been awarded more than 85 Ph.D. and 500 master degrees.

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