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Ramadan session 2015

Ramadan Tournament 2015

Professor Dr. Ismail Abdel-Ghaffar Ismail Farag, the President of the Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, would like to congratulate the staff and students of the Academy on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah bless us with goodness and blessings.محمد%20على%20(1).jpg

The Sports Affairs Deanship is organizing the 4th Ramadan Tournament for 5-a-side football, the Mohamed Ali Hassan Cup, the Dean of Sports Affairs. The tournament is open to all staff, faculty members, and students.

General Supervisor of the Course: Dr. Ahmed Khalaf - Director of Sports Services Department

The names of the winning teams in the 4th Ramadan Tournament 2015 (for students)

First Place Team: "Khair Zaman" Team - Faculty of Engineering and Technologyالمركز%20الاول%20طلبة.jpg

  1. Dr. Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Al-Azim
  2. Nour El-Din Qasem
  3. Mamdouh El-Sayed Mahmoud
  4. Mohamed Ahmed Abdel Aziz
  5. Mustafa Tarek El-Ashry
  6. Ahmed Tarek El-Ashry
  7. Mahmoud Hassan Abdel Aal
  8. Ahmed El-Sayed Ali

Second Place Team: "Titans" Team - Faculty of Engineering and Technologyالمركز%20الثانى%20طالب.jpg

  1. Abdulrahman Kamil Mohammed Al-Zaafarani
  2. Mustafa Khaled Al-Sayed Al-Habshi
  3. Ahmed Fouad Ahmed Ali
  4. Marwan Nabil Shawqi
  5. Moataz Ali Ali Fayez
  6. Mohammed Mohammed Mahmoud Mohammed
  7. Mohammed Hossam Hussein
  8. Mazen Hassan Mohammed

Third Place Team: "Sudan" Teamالسودان%20المركز%20الثالث.jpg

  1. Mujtaba Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Basha
  2. Mustafa Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Basha
  3. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Basha
  4. Ziad Aziz Al-Dakki
  5. Luay Omar Saleh
  6. Islam Omar Saleh
  7. Mohammed Osman Mustafa
  8. Oliver Michael Miley

Top Scorer of the Tournament for studentsهداف%20الدورى%20طالب.jpg

 Mujtaba Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Basha

Best Goalkeeper

 Nour El-Din Qasem

The names of the winning teams in the 4th Ramadan Tournament 2015 (for employees):

First Place Team: "Library Team" (Information and Libraries Center)الاول%20موظفين.jpg

  1. Mohamed Hassan El-Sayed Mohamed Saleh
  2. Abdullah Kheiry Abdullah El-Sayed
  3. Mohamed Sabki Abdel-Moaty Abdel-Guid
  4. Essam Sabki Abdel-Moaty Abdel-Guid
  5. Mohamed Ibrahim Salem
  6. Hassan Ali Hassan Mohamed
  7. Mohamed Mahmoud Sabrah Abdel-Lah
  8. Mohamed Kamel Youssef Ali Aamal

Second Place Team: "Industry Development Team" (Maritime College)الثانى%20تحديث%20الصناعة.jpg

  1. Ali El-Sayed Mohamed Ahmed Ali
  2. Radi Mohamed Hashem Mohamed
  3. Ragab Khamees Hassan Abdel-Majeed
  4. El-Safi Saad El-Din Ali Asfour
  5. Ibrahim Saif El-Nasr Mastur
  6. Abdo El-Sayed Abdel-Galeel
  7. Sameh El-Said Sayed Ahmed
  8. Tarek Hamed Mahmoud Hamed

Third Place Team: "Sports Services Team" (Sports Affairs Deanship)

  1. Omar Nagi Abdullah
  2. Mohamed Ahmed Rizk
  3. Marwan Adel Habib
  4. Mohamed Samir Seweidan
  5. Abdel-Salam Mohamed Ibrahim
  6. Ibrahim Moustafa El-Hafnawy
  7. Ali Hafez Tahir
  8. Mustafa Mahrous Ibrahim

Top Scorer of the Tournament for employeesهداف%20موظفين.jpg

Hassan Ali Hassan Mohamed - "Library Team" with 7 goals

Best Goalkeeperاحسن%20حارس.jpg

Ali Hafez Tahir - "Sports Services Team"