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Egyptian Universities Championship

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Based on the academy's vision regarding the pivotal role that sports play in the development of academy students and their contribution to their preparation as a solid foundation from which promising talents emerge, capable of raising the academy's flag in sporting competitions, the Dean of Sports Affairs has worked to enhance the academy's position among Egyptian government and private universities. This has been achieved through the selection of trained and qualified staff at the highest levels in various individual and team sports, as well as providing competent technical and administrative equipment that can elevate the level of students and their participation in various championships at the Egyptian university level. This has had a great impact in ensuring that the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport continues to stand on the winners' podium in all the competitions it participates in. The Egyptian University Championship has witnessed significant development in the results and achievements of the academy, placing it at the top of university sports in most of the championships it participates in.

  • The objectives of participation in Egyptian universities Championship

Objectives of participating in the Egyptian Universities Championship:

  1. Providing suitable conditions for the discovery, identification, and involvement of sports talents in various competitions at the Egyptian universities level.
  2. Establishing an effective partnership between the academy and the Egyptian Sports Federation for Universities, which contributes to enhancing the participation of academy students in various competitions at the international level.
  3. Achieving high rankings in the championships, the academy participates in.
  4. Attaining first place among Egyptian universities, reflecting the academy's status and its material and human resources.
  5. Supporting university sports for academy students.
  6. Promoting fair competition and sportsmanship among students.