Sports Services

Summer School 2023

The Summer School for the Children of the Employees 2023

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. / Ismail Abdelghaffar Ismail Farag, President of the Academy

And under the care of Dr. / Adel Bilal, Vice President of the Academy for Education and Student Affairs, and under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Abdel Mageed Khalaf, Director of Sports Departments.

The summer school started on Saturday, May 27, 2023, for the children of the employees of the academy and the surrounding community.

It is divided into two parts as follows:

- The first part is swimming only, from 5 to 6 PM on Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays every week.

- The second part includes all games according to choice, in the morning from 9 AM to 12 PM on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays every week.

Announcing the start of summer school for employees’ children and the outside community

The objectives for establishing the sports school during the summer for the children of the employees and the faculty members at the academy:

  1. Encouraging children to engage in sports.
  2. Assisting children in choosing their favorite sport.
  3. Engaging in sports helps in maintaining the child's health.
  4. Engaging in sports brings joy and happiness to the child.
  5. Sports teach the child the importance of setting goals and striving for them.
  6. Sports teach the child cooperation, teamwork, competition, and participation with others.
  7. Sports teach many principles such as perseverance, initiative, commitment, precision, and challenge.
  8. Many children suffer from obesity, and engaging in sports will not only help in weight reduction but also in building and maintaining bones, joints, and muscles.
  9. Sports help in acquiring good habits that continue with the child throughout life, such as waking up early, sleeping early, and eating healthily.
  10. Fostering a sense of belonging for the children of the employees to the academy.
  11. Utilizing leisure time for physical, mental, and health benefits.
  12. Developing sports skills and reaching the highest level of physical fitness in all sports.
  13. The different sports activities in the summer school include (football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, gymnasium, tennis, karate), in addition to drawing activities.
  14. Each player chooses one sport in addition to swimming and drawing.

The summer school for the children of the employees at the academy ended on Thursday, September 28, 2023. The total number of participants was 310 children from the employees' children as well as children from outside the academy and the surrounding community.

They were divided among the activities as follows:

  • 87 children for swimming
  • 19 children for basketball
  • 26 children for gym
  • 16 for volleyball
  • 14 children for karate
  • 56 children for football
  • 7 children for tennis
  • plus 85 children for evening swimming.