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Bachleor Degree in Marine Engineering

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CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA113 Physics None Course material
BA123 Mathematics I None Course material
BA141 Engineering Mechanics I None N/A
CC111 Introduction to Computers None Course material
D101 Leadership I None N/A
LH131 ESP 1 NoneN/A
ME151 Engineering Drawing and Projection None N/A
MT112 Marine Safety MT111N/A
P101 Physical Education I None N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA114 Physics II BA113 Course material
BA118 Chemistry None N/A
BA124 Mathematics II BA123 Course material
BA142 Engineering Mechanics II BA141 N/A
CC114 Introduction to Programming CC111 N/A
D102 Leadership II D101 N/A
IM112 Manufacturing Technology NoneN/A
LH132 ESP 2 LH131 N/A
P102 Physical Education II P101 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA223 Mathematics III BA124 Course material
D203 Leadership III D102 N/A
EE238 Electric Engineering Fundamentals BA124 Course material
LH231 Technical Report Writing LH132 N/A
ME231 Thermodynamics BA114 N/A
ME252 Mechanical Engineering Drawing ME151 N/A
ME274 Material Science BA114 - BA142 Course material
P203 Physical Education III P102 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
BA224 Mathematics IV BA223 Course material
D204 Leadership IV D203 N/A
EE218 Instrumentation & Measurements EE239 Course material
IM212 Manufacturing Process 1 IM112 Course material
MM211 Marine Engineering 1 None N/A
MM221 Marine Diesel Engines 1 ME231 N/A
MM241 Naval Architecture and Ship Construction 1 None N/A
P204 Physical Education IV P203 N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
D305 Leadership 5 D204N/A
MM312 Marine Engineering 2 MM 211 N/A
MM313 Watch Keeping Duties None N/A
MM322 Marine Diesel Engines 2 MM221 N/A
MM342 Naval Architecture and Ship Construction 2 MM241 N/A
N310 Nautical Technology None N/A
N370 Marine Safety None N/A
P305 Physical Education 5 P204N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
EE329 Electrical Machines EE238 Course material
ME276 Stress Analysis ME274N/A
ME355 Theory of Machines BA142 N/A
MM317 Marine & Offshore Simulation 76 Cr. Hrs. N/A
MM346 Marine Hydrodynamic 1 MM241 Course material
NE466 Environmental Science & Technology None N/A
NM291 Maritime Law NoneN/A
Note Student will Choose between NM291 (Maritime Law) or NE466 (Environmental Science & technology) NoneN/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
CC442 Digital Design & Intro. to Microprocessor CC112&EE218 or CC114N/A
EE418 Automatic Control Systems EE329 or EE328+BA323 Course material
ME431 Heat Transfer ME333 or ME231 Course material
ME454 Machine Design ME252 Course material
MM415 Marine Engineering III MM 312 - MM211 N/A
MM447 Marine Hydrodynamic 2 MM346N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
IM400M Practical Training 90 Credit HoursN/A
ME423 Steam Plant Engineering ME431N/A
ME434 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning ME431 Course material
ME455 Computer aided design ME356 & ME454 N/A
MM423 Marine Diesel Engines 3 MM 221 - MM322 Course material
MM429 Electrical Ship Design EE329 Course material
MM471 Introduction to Offshore Engineering 74 Cr. Hrs. N/A

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
IM423 Operations Research 90 Credit Hours Course material
MM501 Project (1) 135 Credit Hrs.N/A
MM543 Ship Design MM 241 + ME276 N/A
Note1 Marine Major (4 courses from group A) (1 course from group B) OR Offshore Major (4 courses from group B) (1 course from group A) N/A
Elective courses : select 4 from group 1 Marine Engineering      42Marine Engineering   Major

CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse Material
MM503 Project (2) MM501N/A
MM526 Maintenance Planning for Marine Units 126 Credit Hrs N/A
MM544 Shipyard Technology MM 543 N/A
Note2 Marine Engineering major, students are required to choose four courses from group A N/A
Note3 For the Offshore Engineering major, students are required to choose four courses from group B . N/A
Elective courses : select 4 from group 2 Offshore Engineering      43Offshore Engineering   Major

Elective courses
CodeTitlePrequisitesCourse material
ME458 Mechanical Vibrations ME355 N/A
ME525Turbo Machinery ME461 or MM447 N/A
MM516Marine Engineering 4 MM 415 N/A
MM524Marine Diesel Engines 4 MM 423N/A
MM528Ship Propulsion Systems MM447 + MM241Course material
MM545Ship Resistance and Powering MM241 + MM447 N/A

Elective courses