Faculty and Staff



Akram Soliman Mohamed Soliman

Dean of College of Engineering and Technology, Construction and Building Engineering

Nasser Mohamed El Magraby

Dean of Basic and Applied Sciences Institute

Vice Dean

Alaa El Din Ahmed Khalil

Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Electrical and Control Engineering

Ehab Farouk Badran

Vice Dean for Educational Affairs, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Iman Gamal Al Din Morsy

Vice Dean for Training Affairs and Community Service, Assistant President for Training Affairs, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Tarek Mostafa Abdel Aziz Morsy

Vice Dean for Students Affairs, Construction and Building Engineering

Head of Educational Department

Adham Mohamed Aboulnour

Head of Architectural Engineering and Environmental Design Department

Ahmed Abdelaziz Youssef Shalaby

Head of Electronics and Communications Engineering Department

Ahmed Samir Kamal El Den

Head of Marine Engineering Department

Aly Ismail Mohamed Shehata Mohamed

Head of Mechanical Engineering Department

Ashraf Ibrahim Moustafa Sharar

Head of Oil and Gas Engineering Department

Elbadr Mohamed Mohamed Osman Ahmed Elgendi

Head of Construction and Building Engineering

Ibrahim Hassan Mohamed Ibrahim

Head of Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering Department

Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Elsayed Mahmoud

Head of Industrial and Management Engineering Department

Sherin Moustafa Mohamed Yousse

Head of Computer Engineering Department

Sherine Shahfik Ahmed

Head of Postgraduate Studies Department

Walid Ahmed Maher

Head of Electrical and Control Engineering Department

Head of Department

Kabary Mohamed Mahmoued Mohamed

رئيس قسم المتابعة الادارية بكلية الهندسة والتكنولوجيا

Head of Unit

Mostafa Ahmed Mohamed Abdelgalel Shaheen

Head of Energy Research Unit, Electrical and Control Engineering

Wael Abdelatif Ali Mohamed

Head of Quality Assurance Unit, Electronics and Communications Engineering