Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)

The Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC) is a sub-committee of the Board of Studies in College of Engineering and Technology.

It was formed since May 2003. The members of (IAC) were ed from chairmen of varieties of industries and engineering authorities. The (IAC) holds two meetings per year. A total of thirteen meetings were held until now.


The role of (IAC) is:

To identify and promote new initiatives relating to the external interaction of the staff, students of the College of Engineering and Technology with the world of Industry and Commerce identify "industrial and social relevance" where possible.

To promote best practice for joint University-Industry projects by being aware of national schemes and resources and successful activities elsewhere which might complement our Industrial Portfolio, and suggest how letters of support might be best used.

To advise the Board of Studies on any matter related to Industrial collaboration and respond to questions and matters referred to the (IAC) to assist the Board strategic planning.

To monitor the College's activity with Industry and track any National Developments which may introduce an assessment of the quality and quantity of the College's performance in the matters.


Minutes of meetings of the Advisory Committee