The increase of population in Egypt and most Arab countries has considerably increased the need for housing, public buildings, and urban services. On the other hand several problems appear, such as: upgrading, renewal, development of deteriorated areas, creation of new towns and settlements as well as problems of restoration, preservation, conservation, and enhancement of the built heritage. These problems led to a tremendous increase in the national..

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Market &
Career Opportunities

Everything related to the built environment, belongs to the domain of the architects. They are front - runners in the challenge to create a new - world in the Twenty First Century.

Architects can be employed by large private or public enterprises, consulting firms, governmental or local authorities...etc, whether in Arab, African or foreign countries. The graduates live up to the standards and requirements of the GAT ..

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Latest News

Among 184 participants took part in the administrative capital landscape competition for streets and furniture design, Dr.Mostafa Gabr and his team won the THIRD prize. CONGRATULATIONS to the sta ...