Engineering Center (ECCRCS)

The Engineering Center for Consultancy, Research and Community Services (ECCRCS) is a state of the art center that offers exclusive consultancy development services in the different fields of engineering. ECCRCS was established to provide the critical link between the industrial marketplace and the College of Engineering and Technology.

ECCRCS works closely with the College faculty, industry, government agencies and the local community to support and encourage the transformation of cutting edge research into innovative and commercially exploitable development services that are implemented using new and high technological procedures.

In addition, ECCRCS uses its extensive links with industry to help forge business and research partnerships and to market the College’s research capabilities both nationally and internationally.

As ECCRCS continues its mission ‘SHAPING THE FUTURE TODAY’ it expects to maintain and enhance not only the quality of its services offerings and delivery but also adopting new approaches in design.


ECCRCS Fields and Scope

ECCRCS works with the College of Engineering and Technology faculty and researchers along with a short list of international and local experts and consultants to identify innovations with commercial potential and to offer its distinguished services within the different fields of engineering.


Architectural and Environmental Design

Urban Planning, Urban Design, Landscaping, Architectural Design, Feasibility Studies and Arbitrating Engineering Disputes.


Civil Engineering

Structural design of concrete, metallic in addition to hydraulic constructions, design and structure of road projects, site surveying, soil investigations, reconstruction and repairing recommendations, projects management and construction material testing.


Computer Engineering

Feasibility studies, analysis, design and specifications of information systems.


Electronics and Communications Engineering

Feasibility studies and design for indoor and outdoor communication systems, design and implementation of electronic equipment for industrial application in the PCBs, feasibility study and design of solar cell powered system, designing special communication system for GMDSS on board ships as well as offshore and setting technical specifications for radar system on radar ships and coastal stations.


Electrical and Control Engineering

Design of distribution networks, lighting interior and exterior buildings, power distribution, automatic control, alarm systems and laboratory facilities.


Industrial and Management Engineering

Strategy development, business process re-engineering and asset restructuring of organizations, productivity and quality improvement, feasibility studies of industrial projects, engineering analysis, equipment ion and facility planning.


Mechanical - Mechatronics and Marine Engineering

Preparation of technical studies, determination of technical specifications, carrying out research and designing projects. Conducting and management of training programs and preparation of maintenance programs.