Class Attendance

Regular attendance in all classes is required. Students are expected to arrive on time and remain in class for the entire period scheduled. The responsibility for work missed due to any type of absence rests with the student. Attendance is mandatory

Students are expected to attend every class session. Each instructor will maintain current records and will, upon request, furnish an accurate report of any student’s attendance pattern to the Registration Office. Attendance is checked from the first class meeting therefore, late registrants will have some absences when they first meet a class.

When students are absent, for any reason, they are still responsible for the content of the missed lecture and for any assignments. If the absence causes the student to miss a major examination: that examination may be made up if the instructor is convinced that the absence was justified.

Attendance record is a legitimate part of the criteria, which the instructor may use in assigning a grade for the courses. It is the responsibility of students to be aware of the attendance policies for their classes.

After the student has missed over 15% of class, the student will be asked to withdraw from the course and a grade of “W” will be entered.

In case of illness or other forcing circumstances, absence may reach 20% without forcing withdrawal.

Students withdrawing from study during a semester must fill out a withdrawal permit have it properly executed by the Registrar in order to leave a clear record. A student completing this process before the beginning of the final examination period will have a “W” record on the permanent record. A student who withdraws without following this required procedure will be awarded an “F”. Students cannot officially withdraw from study after the last day of classes prior to final examinations or while under disciplinary investigation.