Student Affairs  Alexandria

Nutrition Affairs Department

The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, (AASTMT), Abu Kir campus, Alexandria submit food to the Student that are living in AASTMT Accommodation dorms. AASTMT branch in Abu Kir campus offers catering to the residential for all student who are living in Accommodation dorms as well as for staff, and visitors to the AASTMT campus. Moreover, there are a number of restaurants and cafeterias in Alexandria campus which designed to serve meals and snacks during the whole week and provide catering services for special events. Our objective is to offer wide variety, great service and a quality Dining experience. 

Our Vision:

Providing suitable meals and foods for male and female students, residing in the academy’s dormitory, in accordance with the conditions and controls for eligibility for feeding at the Arab Academy for Science and Technology, as well as providing fast and tasty meals to students studying throughout the school day through the presence of cafeterias near the faculties that are characterized by serving delicious drinks and fast food...

 Our Mission:

Developing the main restaurant and cafeterias periodically and appropriately helps students complete the educational life system within the academy...             

Available services:

- Feeding service inside the main restaurant for students residing in the academy's boarding house (breakfast meals - lunches and membrane meals).
• Serving food and fast food for students studying at the academy throughout the day through cafeterias located in colleges and student housing buildings.
• High-speed Wi-Fi internet service in the restaurant halls and cafeterias.
• Restaurant cleaning and preparation service periodically throughout the day.

To communicate and follow up:-

Mr. Ahmed Fahmy - Director of the Nutrition Affairs Department