Clinical Biochemistry (2 hr lecture + 1 hr practical)

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The course covers the scientific basis for the analysis of blood and body fluid tests concerned with the functional state of liver, kidney, heart, bone, endocrine glands. Handling, preservation, storage and analysis of biological samples. Furthermore, laboratory tests for plasma proteins, lipid disorders, infectious diseases, cancers, tumor markers, urine analysis and others are covered along with interpretation of the results in relation to health and disease. Reference ranges and critical values are provided. The course also provides introduction about electrolytes, blood gases and acid-base balance.


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  • By the end of the course students will be able to: a. Knowledge and Understanding a.1. Define and differentiate the diseases due to metabolic disorders. a.2. Recognize the required clinical lab tests to identify different disease conditions. b. Intellectual Skills b.1. Evaluate the suitability of clinical specimens and the laboratory test outcomes b.2. Interpret the laboratory data obtained. b.3. Apply problem solving skills and critical thinking to reach proper decisions concerning the diagnosis of certain diseases. b.4. Evaluate the results of clinical lab tests to monitor the effectiveness and safety of therapy. c. Professional and Practical Skills c.1. Acquire appropriate professional attitudes, self-learning and problem-solving skills. d. General and Transferable Skills d.1. Use internet information and tools to access, organize and deliver current information about quantitative analysis of biological fluids and reporting abnormality for case diagnosis. d.2. critical appraisal of available information. d.3. Acquire good professional attitudes and self-learning, problem solving and teamwork skills.


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