Practical Training

The program mandates a 100 contact hours of Preliminary field training in commnunity and hospital Pharmacies, achieved in the summer vacation between year 3 and 4 or year 4 and 5. 

The Sixth Year Training Program is a compulsory practical training program in workplaces that includes 6 rotational training rounds in different workplaces. The duration of each round is 6 weeks with a total of 36 weeks (academic year). The program fulfils an applicable training on the actual practice of the profession in various pharmaceutical working sites such as pharmaceutical and cosmetic factories and companies, hospitals (governmental and private), pharmacies (governmental and private), pharmaceutical and medical research centers, laboratories and units, bioavailability and clinical studies (CROs), drug sales and marketing. N.B. The student attends this training after successfully passing the fifth-year exams.

Goals of this training Program:

1. Preparing a pharmacist who can compete in the labor market locally, regionally and internationally.
2. Effective linking between pharmacist working sites and universities, through joint committees to supervise training rounds and graduation projects.
3. Providing sufficient area for applied training that develops the competencies of every graduate from the faculties of pharmacy as a learner, teacher, and
professional who can provide healthcare. Besides being an administrator who is a leader, mindful, innovative, and developer capable of good communication and solving problems. Therefore, this eventually results in improving health and treatment services for the community

4. Preparing a pharmacist who can work in a team spirit and practice the profession following the governing ethics and values, while adhering to the rights, duties and responsibilities required by the profession.
5. Creating opportunities to supply pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, therapeutic institutions, various pharmaceutical institutions, research centers, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies and universities with professional qualified pharmacists who can directly work upon graduation