Course Repeat

A student is considered to have failed a course if he/she obtains (F) according to the following scheme:

a. Failure result (F) is given to the student if he/she obtained less than 1.0 (less than 60%) in that course and this result shall be registered in the student’s transcript and is counted in the calculation of the semester average and cumulative GPA, whether the course is core or elective.
b. A student must re-register for core courses which he/she fails. When he/she passes the course,the highest grade a student can receive is B+ (Very Good).
c. If the student fails for the second time in the exam of a repeated course, the failure grade is only counted in the semester average.
d. A student may repeat any course he/she has already passed if he/she wishes to improve his/her GPA with a maximum of five courses during his period of study in AASTMT.
e. A student may not repeat a course for improvement after more than one complete academic year (two regular semesters + summer semester) has passed, unless he/she is under probation and if recommended by the academic advisor.