Academic Probation and Underachievement

Students are placed under academic probation if:

Their GPA is below 1.0 (i.e. less than 60%). Accordingly, students’ academic load is reduced and they are not entitled to register more than 12 credit hours (half load). The academic adviser''s recommendation is mandatory for determining the courses to be registered.

Students are placed on the “underachievement” list if:

Their achieved credit hours are less than 50% of the total number of hours they were supposed to complete since they joined AASTMT.

Measures taken with students on academic probation or “underachievement” list:

a. The College issues a warning to the student to raise his/her GPA to a minimum of 1.0 (D,60%) or achieve a number of hours that exceeds 50% of the total study hours that are supposed to be completed in all the semesters spent at the Academy. The phrases “student under academic probation” or “student with academic underachievement” appear on the student’s transcript.
b. The maximum duration for a student to remain on the list of academic probation or underachievement in the College of Pharmacy is three consecutive semesters. A student is subsequently guided by the academic advisor to choose another educational path suitable for his/her capabilities, such as transferring to another AASTMT college suitable for his/her capabilities, provided that the college admission requirements are met (high school total at the time of admission to AASTMT in addition to the requirements of the college transferred to).

A student who has received academic probation twice or an underachievement warning may be expelled completely from AASTMT after referring to the Academy President in the following cases:

a. If he/she does not achieve a minimum GPA of 1.0 by the end of the third semester of receiving a second academic warning or remaining in a state of underachievement in the new college he/she has transferred to.
b. If he/she does not achieve the graduation requirements in a maximum period of double the study period in his/her college.