Mission & Vision

College Vision:

Scientific excellence and continuous development to serve the health care system, and to achieve sustainable development in order to reach a prominent position globally in the field of pharmacy.

College Mission:

The main goal of the program is the preparation of pharmacy graduates well-qualified with the professional ethics and the latest concepts of pharmacy and patient care. This will enable them to contribute to the development of health care system on local and regional levels through the integration with health care team in hospital. This can be achieved by providing pharmaceutical services at a skilful, professional level in public and private pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical quality control laboratories. In addition to working in the field of media and pharmaceutical marketing and actively participate in scientific research through research centers and universities to serve the community.

College Objectives:

  • Excellence in providing high-quality educational service
  • Supporting the scientific-research system at the college
  • Improve the student services system
  • Fulfillment of the college's social responsibility towards the community
  • Qualifying the college’s graduate to be one of the best graduates in the labor market