Academic Load

Students’ academic load is determined at the beginning of each semester in light of their previous achievement and GPA as follows:

a. The maximum academic load that can be registered is 23 credit hours.
b. The minimum academic load that can be registered is 9 credit hours, except for graduating students.
c. The maximum number of courses that can be registered during the summer semester is two courses, except for critical cases approved by the Academy President.
d. Students with a minimum GPA of 3.00 may register for an additional course in the regular semester if allowed by timetables and final exam schedules.
e. Final year students (last two semesters) may increase the academic load to 25 credit hours. The college must examine each of those cases individually.
f. Students may not register in any course unless they have completed its prerequisites. Graduating students are an exception and are only granted that after the college studies their cases.
g. Students can register courses from higher semesters to complete their academic load, provided that they complete the course prerequisites (if any).
h. If students are unable to register their allotted academic load, available courses suffice even if the minimum number of hours is not reached.