Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements
After finishing the study in the college of Pharmacy, the candidate receives Bachelor of Pharmacy degree PharmD and PharmD clinical according to the credit hours system.The duration of the study in the program is five academic years (five levels over ten semesters) according to the credit hours system, and one year of advanced field training (internship year) in work sites (5 + 1) in addition to 100 hours of initial field training in community and hospital pharmacies. During the summer vacations for the study years after the end of the third level and before the start of the internship year.
The study program is designed so that learning is through theoretical lectures, panel discussions, practical lessons, workshops, field exercises, research, presentations, hybrid and electronic education, in addition to cooperation with the surrounding community.
The number of credit hours (176 hours) is divided into:
• 168 credit hours of compulsory college requirements
• 8 credit hours of elective college requirements