The curriculum is composed of a hybrid educational program that combines "pharmaceutical sciences - (PPS)", "clinical sciences - (PCS) " and "pharmacy practice and patient care - (PPP) " courses.

The pharmaceutical science courses cover the areas of: dosage forms formulation, analytical techniques, medicinal chemistry, drugs of natural origin.

The clinical science courses cover: biochemistry, pathology pathophysiology, pharmacology, pharmaco-therapeutics, microbiology and public health.

The pharmacy practice and patient care offers courses in: communication skills, ethics, case-based learning, drug information and pharmaco-economics resources.

Besides, three experiential learning rotations are placed in 3 consecutive summer semesters. In addition, the curriculum also includes mathematics, basic software management, marketing, quality management, and logistics. Therefore, the program curriculum provides reasonable flexibility in course ion and offers an excellent base for good pharmacy practice. The curricular program courses are designed according to the National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) for Pharmacy.