Registration and Re enrollement

Registration Suspension

Students’ registration may be suspended (postponed, discontinued, or ped out) for periods exceeding four regular semesters (continuous or discontinuous). Such periods are counted as part of the maximum period for completing graduation requirements as follows:

a. Delaying Study:
1. A Student may submit an appeal to postpone his/her study, indicating the reasons for postponement before the beginning of the semester or academic year. If the student is delegated,obtaining a postponement approval from the entity of delegation is a must, if required by this entity.
2. A student who has postponed his/her study must carry out registration procedures once the postponement period is over. Otherwise, the student will be considered to have ped out his study.
3. Cases that require postponing studies for more than four semesters are examined individually by the College Council and the Vice President for Education Affairs. The total period of study must not exceed the maximum limit permitted by the Academy.

b. File Withdrawal and Discontinuing Study:
A student is allowed to discontinue his/her study in the Academy by presenting a request to the Admission and Registration Deanery in order to obtain a clearance letter any time during the academic year.

c. Dropping out:
1. If a student who is pursuing his/her study does not specify his/her academic status, either by postponement or discontinuation by the end of the third week of each semester, this will be considered a ping out of study.
2. A student who is studying as a visiting student in another university or who is enrolled for astudent exchange program is not considered to have ped out.


A student who has suspended his/her registration is allowed to submit a request to the Admission and Registration Deanery to re-enroll using the same registration number and transcript used before suspension as follows:

a. The student who has postponed his/her study is allowed to re-enroll under the condition that he/she submits a re-enrollment request within a maximum period of four semesters from the date of registration suspension. The maximum limit of postponement and the maximum period of study must be observed in these cases as stipulated in article (14)
b. The student who has suspended his/her registration to discontinue his/her study is allowed to re-enroll according to the same conditions applied to those who have postponed their studies provided that the student submits a re-enrollment request using his/her old registration number and file. The previous academic situation of the student including his/her achievement, GPA and the period needed to complete graduation requirements are also taken into consideration.
c. The student who has ped out of study is not to be re-enrolled without the approval of the College Council after referring to his/her transcript, the courses he/she has studied, and the extent to which he/she corresponds to the current academic college academic plan, which may result in ping and repeating some courses.

Maximum Study Period:
1. The maximum period for a student to obtain a bachelor degree in Pharmacy is double the original study period at the college of Pharmacy. If a student fails to meet graduationrequirements during this period, he/she becomes subject to final expulsion from the Academy.
2. The College Council may consider offering the student subject to expulsion, due to exceeding allowed study period, one final chance of two regular semesters if he/she has achieved a minimum of 80% of the total hours required in the program he/she is enrolled in, provided that his/her GPA is not less than 1.0, and taking his military service status into consideration. The College Council decision regarding the student has to be approved by the Academy President.