Pharco-accredited Central laboratory

To Establish a locally accredited Central Research Laboratory. This will provide laboratories along with research and educational platform, where Research and Development activities and other pharmaceutical technologies can be conducted.

This laboratory consists of three sub-sections:

First: The Physical Analysis Research Laboratory

Second: The Chemical and Quantitative Analysis Research Laboratory

Third: Research Laboratory for compounding and formulating Pharmaceutical Preparations.


  • Conducting the necessary inspection and testing to evaluate the Raw materials for both the active drugs and excipients.
  • Research needed to develop, manufacture and evaluate pharmaceutical products.
  • Enhance the capabilities of the technical staff and provide a training environment for the students of the College of Pharmacy.
  • Building a bridge between the college of pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry for a stronger relationship between education and the corporate sector.
  • Connecting the axes of the knowledge triangle (higher education - research - innovation) within the higher education institutions.