Assessment and examination system

a) Students are assessed on a regular basis throughout the semester via written, practical and oral exams, in addition to research, daily assignments, participation in class discussions and course attendance, as well as other assessment methods. This helps students to determine their achievement level during the semester and tackle any educational problems they face regularly.

b) The final grade for each course consists of course work marks and final assessment marks as follows:

·        30% representing the total mark for the student’s assessment during the first 7 weeks of the semester. This includes a midterm exam (15 %) and various practical exams and quizzes or daily assignments (15 %). The 7th week mark is announced online by the end of week 8.

·        20% representing the total mark for the student’s assessment from week 8 to week 12. This may include various practical exams and quizzes or daily assignments. The 12th week mark is announced by the relevant academic departments.

·        10% representing the total mark for course work, including discussions, regular attendance and submitting assignments during the semester or oral exams.

·        40% representing the student’s total mark in the course final assessment.

·        To pass the final exam, the student’s mark should not be less than 30% of the total exam mark. This is one of the conditions to succeed in the subject the student is registering in.

c) The final assessment for each course is held once at the end of semester. The exam must be comprehensive for all course contents.

d) Students are entitled to review their semester work after being marked and recorded according to Quality Assurance Regulations.

e) Students are entitled to have their final exam papers remarked after submitting an appeal to the college dean within 30 days from announcing the final results.