Taking Courses at Other Universities While Studying at the Academy

The Academy allows students to take courses in other universities while studying after obtaining the college approval and according to the regulations below:

a. Studying at a university or college that is accredited by concerned authorities.
b. The student must have studied for at least one complete semester at the Academy and has a credit hour transcript.
c. The maximum number of hours permitted for registration must not exceed 50% of the total hours required in the program the student is registered in.
d. The transferred courses are added to the student’s transcript and receive a grade (TR), except for courses taken in universities abiding by a protocol with the Academy stating otherwise. The student is responsible for the procedures required for degree accreditation if the case is unprecedented. The student signs a consent in this respect.
e. The student receives a prior approval from the college he/she is registered in, which is sent to the Admission and Registration Deanery before the student travels, stating:
i. Courses the student is allowed to take and the number of hours that will be transferred. The content of the course studied outside the Academy must be equivalent to a corresponding one required for graduation in the college the student is registered in.
ii. The university the student is nominated for and its country.
iii. The period the student will spend at the university and his/her academic status (visiting student/student exchange)
iv. Required tuition fees in case of students who enroll in a student exchange program or AASTMT partner universities where the agreement dictates payment before travel.
v. Upon completing their study outside the Academy, students submit the original transcript to the college administration, indicating their results in the nominated university for transfer procedures. The transcript is then sent to the Admission and Registration Deanery so that the student is not considered to have ped out.