College Message


Ever since it was established in 1972, the AASTMT has accomplished great achievements in educational innovation and development. Today, the College of Pharmacy is one of the newest members in AASTMT. Indeed, the College of Pharmacy at the AASTMT aims to produce pharmacy graduates who are properly trained to handle the daily challenges in the local and regional practice settings in a manner that complies with the appropriate guidelines for healthcare.Currently, the College of Pharmacy-Alamein will be offers both Pharm D and Pharm D Clinical. The central objective of the College is achieving Excellency in all provided educational services via implementation of continuous improvement concept and maintaining fine equilibrium between teaching the solid basis of pharmaceutical sciences and adopting the recent developments in the fields of pharmacy practice and patient care. The highly qualified College members and higher admission requirements along with the competitive system of scholarships will be applied to attract high quality students. Truly, being present in the AASTMT, the College of Pharmacy programs have the unique opportunity of offering courses in the fields of business and quality management, informatics, and logistics that are designed and delivered by world renowned experts in these fields, which will ensure wider experience for the College graduates.Besides, the future continuous development of educational resources, lab facilities, and infrastructure will be a chief target for the College to maintain delivery of its quality services to students and community.Dean of the College