Adding and Dropping Course

After completing registration, a student is allowed to add a new course or a registered course during the registration period provided he/she consults the academic advisor and observe the restrictions below:

a. Not exceeding the maximum academic load permitted for registration based on the student’s GPA.
b. The number of academic hours must not be less than the minimum academic load permittedfor registration.


1. A student may withdraw all or some courses in a semester until the end of week 15, without being considered as having failed the courses, after obtaining approval from the college dean,and provided that he/she completes the withdrawal procedures in the indicated period according to college regulations and valid financial regulations.
2. Delegated students cannot withdraw a semester unless they obtain a written permission from the delegating entity that requires issuing such approval.
3. A student receives a forced withdrawal if he/she exceeds the absence percentage allowed in a given course according to the regulations.