Pharmacology II (1 hr Lecture+2 hrs Practical)

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This course deals with the characteristics and use of drugs intended for main diseases affecting the cardiovascular system, the mechanism of action of different agents commonly used in dyslipidaemias, hypertension, coronary artery disease, acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, dysrhythmias, thromboembolic disorders, and stroke. Interactive approaches are used to familiarize the students with background information underlying the expected side effects and the interactions between these agents and other drugs, foods, or disease conditions.


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  • Intended Learning Outcomes By the end of the course students will be able to: a. Knowledge and Understanding a.1. Recognize the different pharmacological classes and examples of drugs used to treat the above-mentioned disorders a.2. Outline the pathophysiological background of the above-mentioned disorders a.3. Describe the detailed mechanism of action and the role of drugs in correcting the targeted pathophysiological process a.4. Explain the underlying causes of potential drug toxicities and side effects, as well as potential drug-drug and drug-food interactions b. Intellectual Skills b.1. Analyze the role of the drug in correcting the targeted pathophysiological process b.2. Interpret information to avoid and resolve potential side effects and drug-drug interactions c. Professional and Practical Skills c.1. Compose proper advice about the ideal use of drugs based on their mechanism of action c.2. Apply problem solving skills in addressing and solving drug-related problems d. General and Transferable Skills d.1. Communicate clearly by verbal and written means d.2. Practice self-learning and work effectively within a team


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