Clinical Pharmacy Practice & Pharmacovigilance (2 hrs Lecture+2 hrs Tutorial)

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This course includes the definition and concepts of clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care, case history and case presentation, medication history taking, clinical problem solving, and therapeutic planning, clinical rounding and assessment of patient compliance. Principles of special care populations (geriatric, pediatric, pregnancy, and lactation). Drug-related problems and drug interactions. Interpretation of clinical laboratory data and physical examination. It also provides students with understanding of pharmacovigilance importance, concept, processes, systems, global safety standards and regulations and reporting systems.


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  • a. Knowledge and Understanding a.1. Define the terms clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical care a.2. Describe the origins of clinical pharmacy practice a.3. List the factors that influence the development of clinical pharmacy in different countries a.4. Describe how clinical pharmacists can develop a good working relationship with the medical profession b. Intellectual Skills b.1. Categorize the key competencies for clinical pharmacy practice b.2. Construct the framework of these competencies and how to be acquired b.3. Analyze the importance of clinical acumen and evidence-based medicine when formulating opinions about drug therapy c. Professional and Practical Skills c.1. Connect between different patterns of abnormalities in indicators of different organs function assessments c.2. Design how to interpret clinical laboratory data c.3. Arrange for the assistance of healthcare professionals in preventing and managing ADRs c.4. Plan the strategies that can be undertaken to promote the rational use of drugs in different patient populations (e.g. geriatrics, pediatrics, pregnant females) d. General and Transferable Skills d.1. Accommodate the different types of interventions that may be made during ward rounds d.2. Communication efficiently with medical and allied health staff during ward rounds d.3. Propose a methodology of continuing professional development (CPD) in maintaining the competency to practice as a clinical pharmacist


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