Community Pharmacy Practice (2 hrs Lecture+2 hrs Practical)

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This course includes the study of the clinical situations handled by the pharmacist in the community pharmacy (referral or using OTC medications) including upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal, and musculosketal symptoms, skin, eyes, and ears, and childhood symptoms.


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  • a. Knowledge and Understanding a.1. Record the health information pertinent to the patient complaint a.2. Describe self-treatment options available for different minor ailments a.3. List risk factors for major diseases and lifestyle management interventions to reduce risk. a.4. Label therapeutic uses, dosage, contra-indications, adverse drug reactions (ADRs) for medications used for different minor ailments. b. Intellectual Skills b.1. Conclude the pharmacological basis of the treatment of different minor ailments. b.2. Select red flags warranting patient's referral b.3. Judge self-treating patients and solve problems related to self-medication b.4. Modify the care plan as necessary c. Professional and Practical Skills c.1. Arrange all possible risk factors for major diseases and lifestyle management interventions to reduce risk c.2. Organize information of the patient using standard & informative interviewing techniques in addition to other objective documented clinical data including medical & medication history. c.3. Detect the patient’s demographics & preferences and then predict the weakness points that may hinder the patient to follow the care plan c.4. Apply an appropriate counseling approach to support the patient successfully implementing the care plan and disseminate the message to other healthcare providers. d. General and Transferable Skills d.1. Develop communication skills techniques clearly by verbal and written with patients or healthcare professionals to improve relationships and achieve proper health goals d.2. Follow up patients by using different ways and plan for changing the patient's health behavior which is related to condition d.3. Manage conflicts at work place


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Course Content

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15Prescription for minor ailments

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