Immunology (1 hr Lecture+2 hrs Tutorial)

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The course introduces the modern concepts of medical immunology, with an emphasis on host parasite relationship, Non-specific and specific immunity, Mechanism of protective immunity. Molecular and cellular immunology, including antigen and antibody structure, function and reaction between them, effector mechanisms, complement, and cell mediated immunity. Active and passive immunization. Hypersensitivity and in vitro antigen antibody reactions, Immuno-deficiency disorders, Autoimmunity and auto-immune disease, organ transplantation.


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  • By the end of the course students will be able to: a. Knowledge and Understanding a.1. Identify the key components of the human immune system. a.2. Distinguish between different mechanisms of innate and cell-mediated immune responses, hypersensitivity reactions and reactions to transplantation. a.3. Outline the principles governing vaccination and the mechanisms of protection against different diseases. a.4. List the main mechanisms of some immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and the corresponding various types of immune therapies. a.5. Explain the principles of different immunological assays and techniques and their use for diagnostic purposes. b. Intellectual Skills b.1. Distinguish the different hypersensitivity and transplantation reactions. b.2. Interpret laboratory serological tests. b.3. Distinguish the principles and operations of relevant laboratory equipment. b.4. Relate the warning signs and the mechanisms of different immune disorders. c. Professional and Practical Skills c.1. Apply some commonly used immunological techniques c.2. Detect different antigen-antibody reactions. c.3. Practice problem solving through case studies and study questions. d. General and Transferable Skills d.1. Implement proficiency in writing, presentation and communication skills. d.2. Practice independent learning needed for continuous professional development.


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