Virtual Patient Simulator (The Body Interact)

The Virtual Patient Simulator ( The Body Interact)
Placing Great Importance on the Academics, we decided to upgrade our standards and adopt some modern teaching Methodologies including the use of clinical simulators. 
The Virtual Patient Simulator 'The Body Interact' is a cutting-edge technology that exposes our students to various clinical scenarios virtually. 
It has numerous prestored cases, covering all the modules studied at the college; all regularly updated to meet the international Guidelines. 
Students are briefed on the clinical scenario and left to deal with the patient virtually within a pre-set time frame that can be adjusted to make the case harder. 
To solve the case, students are expected to collect background information from the patient by making a dialogue, then they can request some lab tests / imaging techniques and even invasive interventions. 
By the end of the time frame, a detailed report is provided, judging the student's performance and highlighting his adherence to the latest Guidelines.