Electronic data converters, the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) and its fast algorithms (FFT), the Z-transform, discrete time transfer , realization topologies, IIR filter design through invariant impulse response and bilinear transform, FIR filter design using windowing, Kaiser, Blackman, hamming, ect.


Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering


  • Introducing the different techniques for designing and implementing digital signal processing systems and their peripherals, Discrete – time transforms.


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Course Content

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1Why digital signal processing? Analog vs.Digital signal processing, Examples of practical DSP applications, Recent trends
2A real-time DSP system, Sampling of Band limited analog signals, Specifications of data converters, Digital-to-Analog converters
3Quantizer characteristics, Quantization techniques, Analog comparators, Circuit implementation of quantization techniques.
4The cascaded architecture, Single and dual slope converters
5Discrete-Time transforms, The discrete-time Fourier transform, The FFT algorithm ,The Butterfly properties
6The DIT FFT and the DIF FFT algorithm and their inverse (IFFT).
7Digital filters, Basic definitions, analog vs. digital filters, Design procedures.
8The discrete-time transfer function, Types of digital filters, Digital filters describing equations, recursive versus non-recursive filters
9The Z-transform. Digital filter components, Examples of digital filter circuits.
10Time domain analysis, Frequency domain analysis, Stability, a stability criterion.
11Design of digital filters, Design procedures, Realization topologies, Hardware implementation
12Design of IIR filters using the Bilinear z-transform, frequency warping, Design from the Pole-Zero distribution, Design from the tolerance structure, Examples
13Properties of FIR filters, Realization topologies, The concept of windowing The rectangular window.
14Design of FIR filters using windows, The Bartlett, Von Hann, and Hamming windows, Blackman and Kaiser, Examples
15Data compression ,an intro, DAS`s, DSP applications
16Final Examination

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  • Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power for public and private sectors to secure both continuous and emergency demands.
  • Electrical power feeding for civil and military marine and aviation utilities.
  • Electrical works in construction engineering.

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