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M.Sc. Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs)

Masters Courses ILOSCharacteristics of the post- graduate studentMBSc graduates in any major should be capable of : Mastering the application and basis of scientific research and using its various tools effectively. Applying an analytical approach and using it in the field of specialization. Applying specialized knowledge and linking it with knowledge related to professional practices. Showing awareness of current problems and recent opinions in the field of specialization. Specifying professional problems and finding solutions to them. Mastering reasonable professional related skills and being able to use available technological means to serve such professional practices. Communicating effectively showing ability of leading a working team. Taking decisions in various professional context. Making use of available resources to achieve the atmost benefit. Showing awareness of his role in community development and saving. Acting in a credible manner and abiding by the rules of the profession. Developing himself academically and professionally and having the ability to pursue in continuous learning. A. Knowledge and understanding By the end of the MSc program, the graduate should be capable of understanding A.1. Theories and basics related to his studies and other related areas. A.2. Applying mutual effect between professional practices and its reflection on the environment. A.3. Scientific developments in his field of study. A.4. Abiding by legal and ethical basics of professional practicing in the field of specialization. A.5. Abiding by quality assurance principles in professional applications in specialized field. A.6. Applying principles and ethics of scientific research. B. Intellictual skills By the end of the MSc program, the graduate should be capable of B.1. Analyzing and evaluating information in the field of specialization and using it as a basis to solve problems. B.2. Solving specialized problems without availability of given information. B.3. Relating different fields of knowledge to solve professional problems. B.4. Carrying out a research study or writing a scientific thesis on a research problem or area. B.5. Evaluating risks in professional practices in the field of study. B.6. Planning to improve performance in the field of study. B.7. Making professional decisions about various professional context. C Professional SkillsBy the end of the MSc program, the graudate should be capable of: C.1. Mastering the basic and laterst professional skills in the field of specializationC.2. Writing and evaluating professional reports.C.3. Evaluating tools and methods present in the field of specialization. D. General Transferable SkillsBy the end of the MSc program, the graduate should be capable of: D.1. Communicating effectively by various means and methods.D.2. Using information technology to serve professional practicesD.3. Personal assessment and specialization of educational needsD.4. Using different sources to acquire information and knowledgeD.5. Setting Rules and indicators to evaluate the performance of others.D.6. Working in a team and leading them in various professional contexts.D.7. Effective time managementD.8. Doing personal and continuous learning