Wave equation, Uniform plan waves, Wave propagation in free space, perfect dielectric, lossy and good conductors, skin effect, surface impedance. Normal incidence, reflection coefficient and standing wave pattern. Input impedance, Oblique incidence reflection coefficients for horizontal and parallel polarization Brewster angle, types of polarization. Fundamental parameters of antennas,. Linear wire antenna (infinitesimal, small, finite length dipole, and half-wavelength dipole). Ground wave propagation .Troposphere propagation. Ionosphere wave propagation.


Bachelor in Electronics and Communications Engineering


  • To apply wave theory to uniform plane waves in different media. To investigates its performance when incident on a boundary between two mediums.rnTo investigate radio wave propagation channels in medium, high and very high frequencies. To investigate different mechanisms of wave propagation.


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Course Content

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1Types of transmission lines and their analysis.
2Graphical method (Smith Chart).
3Applications of Smith Charts to solve transmission line problems.
4Single stub matching.
5Double stub matching.
6Triple stub matching, (/4) transformers, Baluns delay lines, and pulse forming.
77th week exam.
8Introduction, wave equations for a rectangular wave guide.
9Solution of wave equation for TM mode.
10TE mode and its boundary conditions.
11Power transmitted and dielectric losses.
1212th week exam.
13Wall losses in a rectangular wave guide.
14Circular Wave guide.
15Rectangular cavity resonator & Circular cavity resonator.
16Final examination.

Markets and Career

  • Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power for public and private sectors to secure both continuous and emergency demands.
  • Electrical power feeding for civil and military marine and aviation utilities.
  • Electrical works in construction engineering.

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