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EC Program Educational Objectives (PEOs):

Program Educational Objectives [PEOs]



PEO(1): To utilize their strong background of electronics and communications engineering in practice and excel using advanced tools to elicit problem solutions that accommodate several tradeoffs.


PEO(2): to be successful engineers individually or as a team member and thrive for leadership in professional and/or business activities. 


PEO(3):  Be receptive to new technologies and attain professional competence through lifelong learning of advanced courses and research that yield viable, responsible, and sustainable technological engineering solutions adapted to a world of constantly evolving technology.


PEO(4): to understand the impact of technology on society and perform engineering practice in a context that reflects full awareness to the ethical and professional responsibilities of Electronics and Communications Engineers.


PEO(5): Demonstrate technical expertise, critical thinking behavior and problem-solving skills that reflect an adept functioning in technical, business or educational careers.