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Graduation Projects

Graduation & Research Projects Fall 2022-2023: 

  • Simulation of Some Methods for Direction of Arrival Estimation Used in Smart Antenna System.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Mohamed Omar & Dr. Shayma Farghaly.

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning Model for Autonomous Vehicle on FPGA.

Project Supervisors: Dr. Noureldine Elmadany.

  • EEG Controlled Intelligent Prosthetic Arm.

Project Supervisors: Dr. Noureldine Elmadany & Dr. Mohamed Hossam Zaki.

  • Sign Language Translation for Auditory impaired.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Amira Zaki, Dr. Omneya Atallah & Dr. Radwa Khalil.

  • Indoor VLC.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Ahmed Abd El Aziz.

  • Under Water Free Space Optical.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Ahmed Abd El Aziz.

  • Conversion of Sign Language to speech and Reverse for Auditory Impaired.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Amira Zaki & Dr. Omneya Atallah.

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communication. 

Project Supervisors: Prof. Mohamed Omar & Dr. Islam Abd Ellattif.

  • GPS and RF Based Indoor and Outdoor Navigation Localization. 

Project Supervisors: Prof. Roshdy Abd El Rasol.


Graduation & Research Projects Spring 2021-2022: 

  • Smart Home Automation.

Project Supervisors: Prof. Mohamed Omar.


All Projects Should Comply with ABET Code of Ethics & IEEE Code of Ethics.