Fundamentals of Subsea Engineering

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Installation, operations and maintenance for subsea systems, different types of subsea pipelines. Design of subsea pipelines. Forces and motions effecting the subsea systems


Master of Engineering in MarineEngineering


  • The student should be able to:rn Developed detailed understanding of subsea systemsrn


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Course Content

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1 Introduction to subsea production systems
2 Different layout of subsea systems
3 Components of subsea systems
4 Subsea production tree (vertical vs. horizontal)
5 Pipelines and flow lines.
6 Subsea manifold
7 Umbilicals and Jumpers
8 Host facility and Termination unit
9 Production risers and templates
10 Advantages/disadvantages of subsea systems
11 Inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea systems

Markets and Career

  • Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical power for public and private sectors to secure both continuous and emergency demands.
  • Electrical power feeding for civil and military marine and aviation utilities.
  • Electrical works in construction engineering.

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